Live sound, Recording desk, Neve, Record your music
AKG microphone. record your music, mixing and mastering

Front Range Recording and Sound Reinforcement LLC is located in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado and serves the Front Range of Colorado.

  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Full Band Live Sound and Recording
  • Fully Remote Recording Setup
  • Single Track Studio Recording and Overdubbing
  • Consultation with a Music Producer
  • Consultation with Studio Musicians
Drum Recording, Professional recording studio, Boulder County, Music production

Live Sound Reinforcement and Recording of the Show

Live sound, music venue, dj, weddings, learn to record

Other Services

  • Live Sound and Studio Consultation     
  • Streaming Platform Uploading     
  • Booking Agent Consultation
  • Band  Promotion     
  • EPK Creation 
  • Acoustic Treatment Consultation
Music producer, recording engineer, beats, record your song

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