The recording studio is located in a very convenient location in Boulder, Colorado with everything you need nearby including: restaurants, liquor store, coffee shops, grocery stores, and more. Reach out for rates!

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The mobile recording studio and the Boulder recording studio can include a midi keyboard, bass amps, and many other instruments that can be used. We have a large selection of professional quality microphones from companies such as Neumann, AKG, Royer, Shure, Sennheiser, etc. We use Neve, API, and Studer preamps, among others, with everything connected using Mogami cabling throughout the entire chain. Our converters are made by Antelope Audio, which are among the best, offering mastering-grade A/D and D/A conversion with a sky-high 130 dB of headroom.

Mobile Recording rates(2 hr minimum):

One person up to 3 inputs: $70/hr

Two people up to 5 inputs: $75/hr

Three people up to 7 inputs: $80/hr

Four people up to 12 inputs: $90/hr

Full band max 5 people up to 16 inputs: $100/hr+ $20/hr for each input over 16

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